Extra Warranty 5G

  • 5G service includes the free elimination of product defects during the validity of the contract under the same technical conditions as set forth in the Daimler AG’s new cars’ sales warranty for European Union customers as of the redaction that was in force at the time that the sales contract was signed. The sales warranty conditions for new cars of Daimler AG can be found on the AS Silberauto web page and in the maintenance manual of the vehicle. In case Daimler AG new cars’ sales warranty technical conditions vary of what is put forth in this contracy, this contract is applied in the part that is related to the 5G service.
  • In case the owner of the vehicle changes, the 5G service does not end.
  • Usage of the 5G service does not influence the validity of the new cars’ sales warranty offered by Daimler AG (nor vice-versa).

The prerequisite for the provision of this service is:

  • Documented prior service history of the vehicle.
  • In the period the service is valid, regular maintenance has to be carried out in exact accordance to the manufacturer’s requirements and in a timely manner in the authorised Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian dealerships of Mercedes-Benz – of this, correct entries to the printed maintenance book of the vehicle or verified printouts from the digital maintenance book of the Mercedes-Benz workshop, have to be maintained.
  • The performance of regular maintenance in the aforementioneed Mercedes-Benz dealerships is not required in the period prior to the provision of the service (meaning the time when the vehicle was covered by the new car sales warranty provided by Daimler AG).
  • The holder of the vehicle has fulfilled the obligation to carry out a preliminary check of the vehicle in an authorised workshop belonging to the Mercedes-Benz Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian sales and service network, prior to the 5G service coming into force.
  • In case the preliminary check identifies deficiencies, then these must be eliminated prior to the 5G service coming into force.
  • According to the price list in force, the bill for the submitted service agreement has to be fully paid in advance.


  • In case the Buyer has not carried out a preliminary check on the vehicle by the start of the 5G service, then the Seller may decrease the sums that will be compensated, may make the customer pay for the service provided or may refuse to offer the service.
  • In case the deficiencies revealed in the preliminary check have not been eliminated, the service provider has no obligation to offer the 5G service.
  • 5G service is valid within the Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania;



The works and defects of vehicle parts that are compensated in the framework of 5G are based on the
warranty conditions of Daimler AG
The warranty does not cover:
regular service and maintenance works:
fuel system cleaning, incl. the possible consequences such as dirty sprayers, spark plugs
maintenance and adjustment of brakes,
adjustment of the clutch
V-belts in the case of normal wear,
wheel balancing, shifting, tire pressure check,
tightening of detachable joints (bolts, nuts),
adjustment of axles, if this is not part of the repair process
maintenance and oil changes,
adjustment of valves,
adjustment of the sunroof and the cleaning of the rails,
adjustment of the doors,
adjustment of the lights,
cleaning and adjustment of the wash basins,
functional check (incl test drives),
control of the operating materials’ level,
consumables, if it is not a clear manufacturing defect,
air, oil and fuel filters,
spark plugs,
light bulbs, excl Xenon bulbs in special cases,
brake pads, covers and discs,
clutch discs,
wiper brushes and profile rubbers,
Glass famage
shattering of glass due to clearly external factors, the warranty also does not cover surface damage.
In cases where the reason for the damage is not clearly determined, it is necessary to preserve the respective glass until the factory makes a determination
Direct and indirect damage
The warranty responsibilities of the Seller only cover the direct (primary) damage and the primary vehicle parts damaged due to this.
Secondary expenses due to vehicle failure
personal damage
material damage
towing expenses
travel and accomodation expenses (e.x. taxi cost, train, ferry or plane tickets, postal expenses)
hotel expenses,
phone and telegraph expenses
lost income
eis not covered by the warranty
Subsequent rebuilding
If the factory product of Mercedes-Benz is later altered, e.x. via rebuilding the vehicle so
it uses alternative fuel (natural gas), it is tuned (the suspension is lowered, the control computer of the engine is modified etc.), then the Mercedes-Benz AG warranty does not apply to injuries and to indirect expenses due to this. The warranty expeses are then covered by the workshop, where the vehicle was rebuilt.