Body and Paint Works

Veho AS’s body and paint work unit is on the doorstep of Tallinn, in the Tänassilma Technology Park. We carry out body repairs on all car models.

What to do in case of a traffic accident?
If someone is injured, call promptly the rescue services by dialling 112.
Police needs to be involved if the parties to a traffic accident cannot come to an agreement.
Vehicles participating in the accident should not be moved until the facts of the case have been recorded.
If possible, take photos of the scene, making sure to capture the registration number(s) of the vehicle(s).
Use the form “Notice of a traffic accident” to record the traffic accident. If there is no form, make a statement on plain paper and give the following information:
–      Time, date and exact place of the traffic accident;
–      Particulars of the drivers (name, address, telephone, ID code);
–      Data about the vehicles involved in the accident (make, model, registration number);
–      Information about potential witnesses;
–      A short description of the accident and a drawing showing the locations and movement trajectories of the vehicles;
–      Signatures of participants, including a note to the effect of the person responsible for causing traffic damages.
The more details you give about the circumstances surrounding the accident, the faster and more flexible the claim handling will be.
In addition, it is important to know that:
Both the person that caused the accident and the injured person must promptly notify at least the insurance company of one of the parties. Parties to a traffic accident are required to preserve the vehicle or other objects damaged through the accident in the post-event condition in as much it is possible and let the insurer inspect it.

NB! If your brand vehicle is less than five years old, you may inform your insurance partner of your wish to have the works carried out by an authorised brand dealership.