Spare Parts

Veho’s logistics system for its spare parts is one of the most effective in the industry.

Using correct spare parts ensures the safety of your car, extends its life span and offers high secondary market value. The logistics system of Veho ensures that brand spare parts travel quickly, using its distribution warehouses in Tallinn and Pärnu to this end. Likewise, all Veho dealerships carry a stock of parts and accessories most often needed in regular maintenance and repair works. Two spare part trucks of Veho ensure that spare parts can be transported to the dealership on a daily basis. Besides spare parts, you can also buy brand accessories and optional equipment for vehicles at Veho dealerships. In the interests of smooth handling, we suggest that smaller shops should use our online system to order spare parts.

Spare parts’ terms of ordering
Spare parts’ terms of guarantee

You can make your vehicle even more unique with brand-based optional equipment. We also offer brand-based accessories, which are superb gifts. The product range includes brand products for women, men and children. More information can be found in our dealerships or in the spare parts’ and accessories portal:

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