Terms of Guarantee

Warranty provisions for spare parts

1. The general warranty provisions for spare parts cover all new spare parts sold by Veho Baltics OÜ or Veho AS (hereinafter jointly referred to as ‘Seller’). The warranty provisions for spare parts do not cover wear parts (e.g., bulbs, filters, etc.) or wear materials (e.g., oils, greases, fluids, etc.) sold by the Seller.
2. The warranty provisions for spare parts are provided in writing in the following documents:
2.1. these general warranty provisions for spare parts (hereinafter ‘General Provisions’):
2.2. special warranty provisions for a specific spare part or a certain type of a spare part of the manufacturer or importer of spare parts (hereinafter ‘Special Provisions’).
In case of a discrepancy between the General and Special Provisions for spare parts, the Special Provisions always apply. Where a spare part is purchased by a consumer, they have other rights arising from law besides the rights arising from the warranty.
3. Unless otherwise provided for in the Special Provisions of a specific spare part, that part is not covered by the warranty:
3.1. windscreen wiper brushes;
3.2. antenna rods;
3.3. batteries of remote controls;
3.4. wheels and tyres;
3.5. clutch parts;
3.6. brake pads, covers, disks and drums;
3.7. shock absorber parts;
3.8. exhaust parts;
3.9. sparking plugs;
3.10. potential changes in the colour or wear of the paint layer of spare parts;
3.11. cracks in or breaking of windows.
4. The warranty of a spare part means that, in case of a warranty event, a spare part is replaced with a new one free of charge according to the terms and conditions of the sales warranty, except where there are circumstances that preclude the warranty event. The Seller has at all times the right to compensate for the cost of the spare part at the current sales price instead of replacing the part.
5. Unless otherwise provided for in the Special Provisions, the purchaser of a spare part has no right to claim compensation of costs in connection with the installation and deinstallation of a defective spare part or installation of a replaced spare part, or performance of such works free of charge by the warranty provider.
6. The period of warranty of a spare part is specified in the Special Provisions. If there are no Special Provisions or if they do not specify the warranty period, the warranty period shall be six months after the delivery of the spare part to the purchaser.
7. Unless otherwise provided for in the Special Provisions of a spare part:
7.1. the warranty period is not suspended or extended by the time during which a part cannot be used due to a warranty event (incl. the time needed to repair the part);
7.2. the initial warranty period applies to a replaced spare part (meaning that the warranty period for the replaced spare part does not start anew).
8. If a warranty event occurs, the purchaser needs to contact the nearest dealership of the Seller and submit a warranty application immediately after the defect appeared. The warranty application must be accompanied by the original invoice proving purchase of the spare part which, together with the application, forms the basis from which a warranty procedure is launched.
9. A spare part replaced in a warranty event becomes the property of the Seller and is retained by the Seller.
10. Unless otherwise provided for in the Special Provisions, the warranty period discontinues and is completely revoked in the following cases:
10.1. the warranty application was submitted with a delay after the occurrence of a warranty event;
10.2. the spare part was used for purposes it was not intended, contrary to operational requirements, installation or operating rules;
10.3. the spare part has been modified or altered;
10.4. a defect on the spare part is caused by its inapt installation, handling, storage or transportation.
11. The warranty for spare parts means a unilateral pledge of the warranty provider, which gives the purchaser a more favourable position than prescribed by law, and therefore any additional claims of the purchaser, including those concerning the making of changes, alleviation of terms and conditions or compensation for damages are precluded.