You are sure to find a used car that suits your needs from the dealerships of Veho AS. We have the largest selection of Veho’s main brands, in terms of passenger and commercial vehicles, and trucks. The assortment also covers lots of vehicles with a factory guarantee; there is also an option of taking out an additional warranty from Marsh Kindlustus. We have also checked the technical condition of the vehicles on offer; however, as always with used vehicles you need to take into account the wear from life span and mileage.

Veho does not deal with commission sale but, if you wish to buy a new vehicle, we will evaluate your existing vehicle, make a buy-back offer and then help solve all matters involved in car changing – both on the side of the return of the used car and purchase of a new one.

View the selection of Silberauto’s used vehicles here:
Veho used vehicles