Veho aims to provide convenient solutions and professional assistance to customers in all vehicle-related matters. We offer brand servicing to all vehicles in our Estonian brand range in almost all cities and major towns of Estonia. In our dealerships, you find the state-of-the-art technology and equipment for your vehicle’s every repair or maintenance need.

We value your time and this is why we offer you a rental car at a good price while your vehicle is in service so that you can take care of your daily chores. Moreover, we are currently developing a new comfort solution – an online maintenance booking system that allows booking a convenient time for the regular maintenance of your vehicle.

All the employees that take care of your vehicle, from mechanics and diagnosticians to customer advisers participate regularly in certification trainings devised by manufacturers, which means that they know the peculiarities of all makes and models as well as the most recent technologies and technical solutions. Loyal customers also have an option to select their “personal car doc” in the form a personal customer advisor who is always fully informed about the needs of your vehicle.

For a convenient service, use the following possibilities:

We cannot wait to see you at our dealerships!